Code Free Tuning across the United States! EGR and DPF deletes and programming. Improving your fuel efficiency today means more money in your pocket! Diesel Performance of Montana - Diesel ECM Tuning & Deletes. Get Great Deals on Performance Parts. Serving the trucking industry from Missoula, Montana.

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At a minimum, your laptop will come preloaded with the following applications:

Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link 8

Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET)

Cummins Insite


International - ServiceMAXX Fleet Pro

Mack/Volvo - Volvo PTT with VCADS 2.40

Allison DOC For PC-Service Tool

Eaton ServiceRanger

Bendix Acom

WABCO Toolbox

International ABS

International Intune

International IPC

Motor Heavy Truck

Cummins Quickserve DVD


Also available: John Deere Service Advisor,  Cat SIS,  plus many more titles.




Whether you own one truck or a fleet... whether you're behind the wheel or  in the shop... You need the tools to diagnose and repair the settings in the engine control module that is at the heart of your diesel's performance.  At Diesel Performance of Montana, we've spent years building and fine tuning diesel diagnostic laptop computers for the mechanic and the driver.



When you buy a diagnostic laptop from Diesel Performance of Montana, you’re getting the best in the industry!  At Diesel Performance of Montana we have a need for speed! We start with a totally refurbished Panasonic Toughbook featuring a solid state drive and tons of RAM.  On this base  we add the software needed to diagnose, program, and repair Cummins, Cat, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Mack, and much more.  We’ll stress-test the computer before it leaves our shop to make sure it will connect when you receive it.  And we’ll stick with you and the laptop for years to come.  We’ll relicense software as needed and provide updates to keep your system current.











A diesel diagnostic laptop from Diesel Performance of Montana -the best in the industry! Diagnose Cummins, Cat, Detroit Diesel.
A diesel diagnostic laptop from Diesel Performance of Montana -the best in the industry! Diagnose Cummins, Cat, Detroit Diesel.